Hey dudes!  I hope you enjoy my super fly website!


Check out my cool YouTube channel here: Frisky Brisket.


My 'Frisky Brisket' YouTube channel contains full videos of all my gaming adventures where you'll totally get to see some of my freakin' cool fellow mercenary squad members in action in Star Wars: Battlefront and Destiny video uploads and Livestreams!


Totally check it out my dudes!!!!!


Also, on my YouTube channel you can watch my cool new 'Southern Yankee' VLOG seriea! This VLOG covers my move from the Southeast, where I lived for 19 years, to the Northeast of the United States. Journey with me as I explore such places and Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York with old friends and with new ones that I make here in the Northeast as I transition to becoming a Yankee.


More awesome content coming soon both on this website and on my YouTube channel.....


.....so stay tuned my dudes!!!!! :).