This is still one of my favorite freakin’ pictures of all time!!!!!


You dudes totally know how I dig me some Buck Rogers in the 25th Century right? This and Battlestar Galactica were my two favorite shows growing up as a kid. I totally did even care about Star Wars back then.


Say what?


I know right?


So, just before I left one of the companies where I was employed, one of my friends photo-shopped my face over Buck Roger’s so it looks like I’m standing next to Hawk!  Hawk is easily one of my top 5 favorite science fiction characters of all time.


Even to this day…..he’s even in the top two! Dude was a badass in every imaginable way possible.


This image was silk screened on a going away cake that my friend had made for me.


I need to take this image and have it silk screened onto a T-Shirt soon. That’s how cool I think this is. Tammy, you know I love you for this right?


Later my dudes!