Check it out my dudes! So, sent in my second commission to the new artist that I’ve been working with. This commission was for my multiverse squad member Sharon Walker. One of two members of the Frisky Brisket mercenary team from the Mass Effect Universe!


SWEET!!!!! I freakin’ love it my dudes! What a fun drawing and the background is amazing! I’m guessing this is Mos Eisley…..or it could be Tuchanka, home of the Krogan…..I mean we were there a few weeks ago.


Sharon is totally enjoying a bag of her favorite snack in all of the multiverse Cracker Jack that she acquired from MY quarters aboard our Starship Take Out. She does that…..a lot. :).


So, Sharon is sporting her boss level M-37 Falcon manufactured by the Earth Systems Alliance (Mass Effect Universe) we bought some of them because it’s a mini-grenade firing OP rifle that Sharon loves to use.


In this drawing Sharon is also wearing her favorite sidearm in all of the multiverse…..and one that is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine as well…..a standard colonial blaster from the Original Battlestar Galatica, not the new series. I mean we went to the new series universe last week. The people there are cool and everything, but their weaponry is mostly some of the stuff I have at home on Earth: Prime…..but the original series is a magical place my dudes because it has some freakin’ sick ass tech let me tell you, and if any of you have seen the original Battlestar Galactica you totally know what I be sayin’ to your skulls right now. These blasters are ABSURDLY OP. Put them on the highest setting and shit will cut through vehicle armor. Love it my dudes!


…..and girlfriend all up in your grills sporting her new N7 rank signifying the fact that she’s beyond badass right now.


Congratulations Sharon on becoming an N7! It’s a major accomplishment! Woo-to-the-Hoo! :).


I’m totally loving this super cool artwork of Sharon!


Later my dudes!