What’s up my dudes!


So, check this out!  In this section you will find posts and fun stories covering me and my Fallout squad’s adventures in that nuked retro-futuristic 1950’s version of the future that I totally freakin’ love!


Super swell Commander Cody!


I know right?


These stories are listed in chronological order, based on the time I wrote them, starting from earliest at the bottom of the sidebar widget to latest at the top of the sidebar widget.


Each story will journey deeper into the lives of my Fallout characters and provide background information which expands upon who these totally freakin’ awesome dudettes are as people.  These badass dudettes run around The Capital Wasteland and the Commonwealth with me on my adventures through Earth: Fallout’s irradiated landscape.  I’ve loved having these characters run around in my head ever since I initially created them.  I also love writing fun stories about them.


More stories will be added in the future.  So check back regularly my dudes!


Peachy man!