So, check this out!


Here you will find stories that I have written about the adventures I often have in the universe where you and I live. A universe that I call: Earth: Prime.  These stories are listed in chronological order, based on the time I wrote them, starting from earliest at the bottom of the widget to latest at the top of the widget.


Each story represents a moment in time of my journey through life in our universe.  They are like journal or diary entries that tell the story of my life and the fun adventures I have along the way with the cool dudes and dudettes I meet.  Some of the people I meet later become friends and can be seen in the VLOGS I regularly upload to my YouTube channel: Frisky Brisket.


You can read the stories here on this website and watch the VLOGS on my YouTube channel so that you too can join me on this great adventure.


Later my dudes!  :).