Hello my dudes, and welcome to my new website.  The official home of information about my adventures in the multiverse!  Woohoo!  Rock on right?!?!  Yeah man!


So check this out!  This super sweet website is dedicated to giving you cool dudes a better idea of the chaos that happens over on my YouTube channel: Frisky Brisket.


On my YouTube channel you will see me play various PC and console games, mostly console, that represent some of my fun adventures in the multiverse.  There you will also see me use the characters and equipment that I have provided cool stories for here on this website.  You’ll also totally see videos that are part of my “Southern Yankee” YouTube series.  This is a VLOG series that covers a transitional period in my life: My move from the southeast of the United States (Tennessee), where I have lived for the past 19 years, to the Northeast (Pennsylvania).  A place I have never been.  Check out my “Southern Yankee” Playlist where you can join in on my adventures with old and new friends as I explore my new home in the northeast!


Please make sure to check out the menu at the top of the page to obtain information on all things Frisky Brisket.  This includes character profiles, vehicles, equipment, AND real life friends that make regular appearances over on my YouTube channel.


Below is a list of the main pages of this awe inspiring website and the information they contain.  This is a sorta kinda site map that explains how things are laid out:


Earth: Prime – Here is where you will find information about my adventures in the universe where you live and the one that I was born into.  It’s a universe that I call Earth: Prime.  You can follow my Earth: Prime adventures in BLOG posts on this website: Earth: Prime Stories and in VLOGS that I regularly upload to the “Southern Yankee” Series Playlist on my YouTube channel: Frisky Brisket…..but wait…..there’s more…..I’ll be adding character profiles of my Earth: Prime dudes and dudettes very soon!  So, you guys should totally check back regularly…..like as often as you can…..to make sure you don’t miss any of the new awesome content I’ll have coming inbound very soon!  Stay tuned my cool dudes!!!!!


Fallout – This is where you can check out cool content covering information on my adventures in the nuclear irradiated wasteland of a ruined retro 1950’s vision of the future.  A future where the age of American exceptionalism is gone…..having long ago been replaced by unrelenting clouds of toxic radiation.  America’s youthful optimism is nothing more than a distant memory.  Welcome to the Fallout universe.  Here you’ll freakin’ totally be able to feast your sockets on information that covers the badass characters and equipment that are part of my squad in the Fallout universe.  That’s so peachy and swell Mr. Brisket!  I know right?  :).  Stay tuned my dudes and most definitely check back very soon!  :).


Destiny – Here is where you’ll find background descriptions for the 2 squad members that make up my Destiny squad.  You should totally read about them because they are some freakin’ badass super cool dudettes!


Multiverse – This is where you will find information on the Frisky Brisket squad.  This squad is a group of characters that regularly travel throughout the Multiverse to take on lucrative mercenary contract missions for financial gain.  Here you will find fun background descriptions of each squad member, as well as the ships, vehicles, and equipment we regularly use.  Commander Cody is…..well…..me…..at least the multiverse version of me.  The universes we travel to include: Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Detective Comics (DC), Marvel, and more…..


YouTube – This is where it’s all happening my dudes!!!!!  Here you can view footage…..sometimes live…..of my adventures throughout the multiverse with my multiverse squad and Earth: Prime dudes and dudettes.  So, you guys should totally slide over to my YouTube channel located here: Frisky Brisket. There’s lots of super fun content including: gameplay adventures…..AND…..my new VLOG series: Southern Yankee where I explore my new home state in the Northeast of the United States (Pennsylvania) after moving here from the Southeast of the United States (Tennessee) where I had lived for 19 years.  There’s lots of fun content there right now, and even more is on the way, so check in over on my YouTube channel regularly, and while you cool ass dudes are there please don’t forget to watch, subscribe, comment, and like my videos to show your awesome support.  It would be greatly appreciated my awesome friends!  :).


So, those are the major sections.  Myself and my cool squad members all greatly appreciate you stopping by to check things out and show your wonderful support.  Developing this website involved a lot of hard work, effort, late night coding…..sometimes without any sleep before going to work the next day…..but that’s totally okay because it was a lot of fun watching my ideas become reality, and I gained a lot of really super cool, fly ass, experience in web design and development along the way.


We sincerely hope you enjoy everything here, and we’ll keep working hard to bring you even more totally boss content in the future.


Take care my dudes!  :).